Student Placement Test

A student placement test is necessary to assess a student’s level of English comprehension in order to determine which grade level to begin.  The SESES grade levels and corresponding ages as published on this web site are consistent with native English speaking children and youth who live in a native English environment since birth.  SESES adapts the SEAS Homeschool English program for English as a foreign language.  Given this fact it is not uncommon or abnormal, for example, for a Polish youth age 10 to be in one of the grades 1-4.  This helps Polish youth and parents know what level of English they have in relation to their youth counterparts in America.   This is why we keep the curriculum levels as they are. It is our goal to have them advance and have their English consistent with the Native speaker.  Please fill in NameEmail, and Age below; and click to Begin Test ↓↓↓ .

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