Our Method and Goal for Youth


St. Elizabeth Seton English School’s method seeks to ensure that all of its students thrive intellectually and spiritually using a Christ-centered, English learning program to meet the academic and vocational challenges of the twenty-first century.

What is most important is that SESES focuses on the values of family first and Christian faith as a foundation for education.  Just like the American St. Elizabeth Ann Seton home-school program, SESES seeks to unite the Catholic faith, family and Christian values as a foundation to its education program.  However, unlike the American program, SESES is focused specifically on the English curriculum, and adapts it for youth whose English is a second language.  It understands that non-native English youth benefit when they can  confidently claim that English is their own language too.  By adapting and sharing this Christian love for youth inspired English learning program from the USA, SESES seeks to benefit youth around the world with the Native English in a Native English home environment to help them discover English also as their own.

For this end SESES trains teachers in the American St. Elizabeth Ann Seton English program to create lessons that are native English based and effective to bring a natural sense of knowing English in the way that children and youth in an American home would.



St. Elizabeth Seton English School seeks to increase English literacy and quality English education for Polish youth.

Today, more than ever, English education is important for the future needs of Polish children and youth.  When Polish youth reach University age and enter the workplace they find increasingly a necessity to use English to communicate with the world.

As Polish youth become adults they are often tasked with the need to pass difficult English exams and certifications; compose theses, articles and texts of many sorts; conduct communications for sales and correspondences; read, listen, understand and succeed with many large English required activities.  In fact, they need the confidence to use English as if it has always been their own language.

St. Elizabeth Seton English School seeks to help Polish youth to  have confidence in English and treat it as their own language.  We seek to accomplish these needs with a Christian based discipline that brings English right to them in the same way that a loving American family would teach their own home-schooled children.   

A better tomorrow for Polish youth  literacy and confidence in the English language is possible. Come join us on this road to successful youth comprehension of English.